Monday, 22 June 2015

Challenge #14: Same old...

The challenge was to photograph something that you see everyday and take for granted. Maybe an object or a place; you may have taken a picture of it before or just out right dismissed it as too everyday.

no sun here

Same old new perspective
Winner: Simone

FFC Challenge #14

Challenge #13: Everyday oddities mobile

Using your iPhone or iPad, photograph the everyday absurdities you encounter...can be one picture, can be a series...

everyday oddities mobile

FFC Challenge #13 - Mobile Photography

Day to day Triple

Monday, 15 December 2014

Challenge #12: This must be the place

So here it goes: Usually words are not all that important when it comes to photography. I set out to change that with our latest challenge. Because "This must be the place" by the Talking Heads is not only one of my favourite songs but also a song with colourful and varied lyrics, I chose it as our new theme. The challenge was to somehow incorporate words from the song into a picture, be it manually or with photoshop. As always the results are as varied as we are.


This must be the place

...this must be the bloody place...
Anna's winning picture...

This Must be The Place

Challenge #11: New Beginnings

Seeing as all three of us are facing changes in our personal lives at the moment, the idea of "New Beginnings" features prominently in all our minds - which is why I chose it. A new beginning can be something beautiful, but it can also be scary. It can be the beginning of a voyage, of a new chapter of one's life, of a friendship or of a whole new being. Beginnings are everywhere and often in close proximity to endings. Seeing as with our personal new beginnings we've all had to face an ending of some sort, I thought it would be best to look out for the new, the beautiful and the as of yet unknown.

New Beginnings
The Winning Picture by Simone

FFC Where do we go now?

Over The Line

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Challenge #10: Behind the Fence

It's been so long, that I've forgotten what impulse led me to choose this topic. If I try and think about it now, behind the fence might be this magical space you can only see parts of. Which makes it even more interesting if you can't cross the fence and usually heartily disappointing if you do manage to enter the other side. Behind fences lie private mysteries not important enough to lock away in dark cellars...or nothing at all. Depends which side you're standing on.


Behind The Fence

FFC Behind the Fence

Behind the fence
The Winning Picture by Simone

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Challenge #9: The Power of Three

Our lives are riddled with numbers, so much so that scientists, artists and other such scoundrels have always suspected that there must be an underlying rule to the numerics of reality. Among the most meaningful numbers that are said to be secretly ruling our lives is the number three. It is everywhere, no matter where you turn you will find it. Three bears, three stooges, three musketeers, three friendly foto challengers, the rule of thirds (for all you photographers out there), three little pigs, three times a lady... The list goes on and on. And because the number three is so very important - and maybe because nobody came up with a better idea - we chose it as the theme for our latest competition.


FFC: Power of Three


Three's Company
The Winning Picture: Anna