Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Challenge #1: Burn With Me

It was a beautiful almost-summer day and I was at home, visiting my family, when a mixture of inspiration, beer and yearning for a cup of tea with my far away friends struck me. "Why not start a Foto Contest with them? What a great way to keep in contact after I moved away! What a great idea!" And a great idea it was, so great that it allowed for no delay. I decided to start immediately, without any preparation and thus ended up taking a crappy picture with my phone.

The only interesting thing nearby was the bonfire in our garden, which is why "fire" ended up being our first contest theme. That's the banal, boring explanation. The more interesting one is that I chose fire because what's forged in fire is made to last (everybody knows that). Or because of this song that's played in a scene from Hot Fuzz that we often quote. Or because I wanted my friends to "burn with me", as The Doctor did. In any case: fire is a good way to start.





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